How to lose more than 50–100 lbs

Sep 10, 2014

Since our birth people have been telling us what we need and how to do things. Most of us bought into these ideas because they came from people that we loved and trusted or those that served as authority figures, such as teachers, preachers, politicians and the like.

Today’s fitness and nutrition industry is no different. Spend some time on the internet and it won’t take long to find a so-called “fitness expert” eager to sell his or her latest, greatest diet or exercise gimmick. People buy into this because those selling the products look so cosmetically appealing (perfect bodies, hair, teeth, etc), OH and all the testimonials, I mean, how can one go wrong if all those people lost all that weight right? Wrong.

No offense to my family of origin or to my teachers or to all the folks trying to make a buck online, but my experience has proven that at some point one should question these ideas if they are to find anything lasting that is personal to them and that works – in all areas of their life.

People ask me all the time, “how did you lose 125 pounds?” and I respond, “hard work and desire!”

There is no magic pill, diet or exercise program to lose that kind of weight. It is only through consistent effort and proper nutrition and exercise that losing all that weight become a reality for me. I became willing to go to any lengths to have a better life and I remain in that space today. I became willing to weigh and measure my food, to workout when I didn’t want to, to eat foods that people around me made fun of, to not join in with all the binge sprees around the holidays (there are other ways and other foods you can eat). I was willing to prepare my own food and to go through the emotional and physical withdraws of processed foods. I was willing to get a coach to help me with my journey, and I continually work to apply the principles of courage, perseverance and compassion.

This is what it takes folks. It isn’t easy. You will have to put in some effort and you will have to be uncomfortable sometimes, but the results are worth every minute and the effects of the actions we take ripple into the lives of all those around us. I had no idea when I got sick and tired of weighing 300 pounds that my decision to change and the actions that I would take would affect so many people. We can’t know the reach of our Right Effort.

I have had every thought I ever knew and that I held sacred ripped out from under me more than once in my journey. While this is difficult and turns me upside down and inside out temporarily it forces me to grow. Unraveling a lifetime of misinformation and self-will is not an easy task. The good news is that if we remain willing and open to being shaken up from the inside out and do the work – the outside will fix itself.

In love and gratitude for you all!

Nichole Rae