Workout #2 for Training at Home

Mar 19, 2020

As promised here’s a second workout you can use with the first one to alternate between for the next few weeks.

This workout should be implemented in the same fashion as the first: circuit style. This means you complete one set of all the exercises in a row, taking as little rest as possible, before repeating a second round. You can do up to 4 rounds of this workout, but don’t forget a good warm up and cool down session should be included.

Here we go!

Workout # 2

Exercise Reps
Bentover Rows x 12–15
Stiff Leg Deadlifts x 12–15
Upright rows x 15–20
Engine Pumps x 10–15 ea. leg
Incline Chest Press x 12-15
Pikes with Hip Extensions x 10–15 ea. leg
Hammer Curls with Stretch x 15–20
One-Arm Overhead Press x 12–15
Short-Range, Close-Grip Pushups from knees x 12–20
Side Planks x 20 sec hold ea. side
Bird Dogs x 10–15
Leg Raises with Butt Ups x 10–15


I hope you’ve enjoyed (and are doing) the first workout. With #2 you can now throw in some variance to keep things alive. Feel free to reach out anytime with your questions or head on over to my web site to check out all my services.

In times like these our true character arises. With every action you take or don’t take you are becoming the person you either want to be or the person you wish you weren’t. It’s ALWAYS your choice.