66-year-old accountant improves strength, posture and more!

Mar 14, 2020

My entire life I’ve been an endurance athlete.

I can easily ride for 100 miles in the Rocky Mountains, climb 14ers without blinking an eye, and have always had an impressive time for climbing the Manitou Incline in Manitou, Colorado. I never once considered strength training necessary and certainly thought it to be boring as I’ve always preferred the outdoors.

I am a 66 year old accountant and as I’ve aged my posture has drastically worsened. You can imagine – with countless hours sitting at a desk, especially during tax season! I was introduced to Nichole through my now fiancé. She suggested that proper strength training might improve my posture, as well as improve my bone health (in spite of my exceptional cardiovascular function my bone strength has been declining).

Once I started training with Nichole not only did I feel better, but I quickly realized she was tailoring everything to improve my posture and my bone strength – all the while injury proofing me for active outdoor lifestyle. Every session with Nichole is different. She keeps the program alive and I’ve never once been bored! Plus I only workout with her once a week and honestly, it’s unbelievable the differences I have seen in posture and strength. She also continually gives me stretches and mobility work to do at home and in the office which have also helped. I’ve been with Nichole now for a couple years. She has made me aware of the impact of strength, mobility and flexibility on general health – and with greater strength I am able to climb the Manitou Incline in record time. I would never consider not having strength training as a corner stone of my fitness program. Nichole rocks!

– Grame Cloutte