“I really appreciate the slow and steady start!”

Feb 1, 2020

I began working with Nichole in January, 2020. I was looking for a different approach/mindset for my exercise and nutrition programs. I was always an all or nothing kind of person. I was either doing everything “right” or I wasn’t on board at all. I had a very difficult time staying committed and consistent.

Once I started working with Nichole, I learned better/sustainable/doable ways to incorporate diet and exercise into my life. She has helped me by planning workout sessions that I do at the gym. It has made such a difference when I know what exercises and how many reps I am supposed to be doing. She reviews my workouts and makes necessary changes so I can keep improving and getting stronger. Nichole has also provided me with nutrition guidelines and goals. Working together, I am looking forward to achieving my health goals now and in the future!

– Peg N.