At what age is it too late to start an exercise program?

Jan 12, 2014

As a new year is before us and I just celebrated another birthday, I reflect back over the last months, I am amazed. Little did I know exactly what I was embarking on. There were plans for a tour of Israel my husband (of 56 years) and I had signed up for. I wanted to strengthen my legs so I could keep up with the group. I had bilateral knee replacements surgery in April 2012 and did well but had not kept up much exercise.

I contacted Nichole Rae about some training. My concept of training was very incorrect. I expected her to show me a few machines, how to use them and off she would go to another person. Wrong – personal training means she is there with me the whole workout. I was in poor condition, very bad posture over the years, afraid of the treadmill due to bad heart tests several times, weak legs, very bad, weak balance, etc.

Barb (right) and her husband Dick (left)

Fast forward six months and I am a new person. Some times I don’t even hold on when using the treadmill now. The strength I have gained has been amazing. The Christmas season showed me how strong I have become with endless energy. I’ve given away 10 lbs, inches of course and a clothing size, bye, bye. How far I’ve come almost has to be seen to understand the progress I’ve made. None of this would have happened without Nichole as my personal trainer. Still by my side, not because I can’t do it, but because that is the way every trainer works with all their clients in the Studio. She has been so encouraging every session, she doesn’t ask me to do more than she knows I can handle. She cheers me on, always compassionate with me.

As I begin my 78th year, (I feel more like 65), I believe in personal training and plan to continue into the future. It is so worth it. Thank you Nichole Rae, you’ve given me back my life! The tour was canceled, however, I continue training. Being healthy with food has been a bonus. I guess you could say I enjoy exercise now- never thought I would say that!

– Barb S.
Private client of Nichole Rae, CPT Personal Training


“Barb is an ABSOLUTE inspiration!  When she first started training with me she could barely walk. She had to hold on to me or her husband and now she walks her dog on a leash! I witness repeatedly that our mind can overcome our current physical condition. A positive and willing attitude leads to positive results. Barb shows up 3 x a week with a positive attitude (even when she thinks its not believe me it IS). She has a real desire to live a healthier life and to remain independent as long as possible, and she is committed to continuing to challenge her body and her mind. It is a real joy and an honor to work with her. Thank you Barb for continuing to show up for yourself even when it’s hard. Much love to you always”

– Nichole Rae