How to Break Your Ski Record at Any Age

Mar 8, 2015

Nancy Binkley – client & friend of Nichole Rae Personal Training

Are you feeling like an “old lady”? Is that middle age spread growing around your middle? Are the things you like to do getting more difficult? Do you think those days of hurrying up the stairs, going for long hikes and fast walks, and skiing a full day on the slopes without your legs screaming at you are gone forever?

That was me in August of 2013. I had started skiing again after my husband died in the Spring of 2008, but as much as I loved being back on the slopes, I found it painful and exhausting. My balance and strength were poor and I was afraid I would get hurt and have to stop skiing.

So I decided to work with Nichole to see if I could get back in shape and safely do the things I loved. She was the perfect trainer for me. We started with a professional and thorough evaluation. Then she developed a personal program for me. No cookie-cutter routine. She always checks how I’m feeling before we start, expects me to warm up, watches my form carefully, spots me as needed, and varies the routine each session. The variety keeps our sessions stimulating and fun. Nichole is a great motivator, a rare talent!

What was terribly difficult at first has become a regular and fun part of exercise, both in the gym and the rest of my life. And skiing is wonderful again.  Two hours on the slopes has become five. Three or four runs have become ten or twelve. Most days I ski over 19,000 vertical feet and my new record this year is 16 runs for 20,893 in one day! I’m skiing better than I did twenty years ago and I LOVE IT!! I feel better and younger than I have for years!

Thank you, Nichole! You are helping me be the person I want to be…healthy and strong and active. And a FAST Old Lady Skier!

Nancy Binkley

This is a testimonial from Nancy. Thank you Nancy for always showing up for yourself and working so hard! I love you. * side note – Nancy is in her later 60’s 🙂

Nichole Rae