Jim lost 15 lbs. and got to play tennis and ski again

Feb 1, 2020

Jim Maytag Selfi“When I started training with Nichole a year and a half ago I was overweight, experiencing chronic back and shoulder pain, and was so weak that I couldn’t even enjoy doing the things I love to do such as playing tennis and skiing.  Over the course of my sessions with her I have lost fifteen pounds of fat and gained the energy and strength to finally play a game of tennis and ski like I did years ago.

Not only does Nichole teach me the best methods and exercises to achieve my personal goals, but more importantly she keeps me accountable and motivated to keep improving week after week.  My work with her has improved my health, my confidence, and my lifestyle overall.

Nichole is a kind & caring person and I’m so fortunate and grateful to have met her.”

Jim Maytag

May 4, 2018