“Nichole ignited the old athlete in me”

Mar 16, 2020

Karon H. Cofield, PhD

Nichole came highly recommended by a friend. I’ve been with her now for 4 years.

When we first met, I was functioning at an all time low physically, mentally and emotionally. I was not feeling good about myself nor did I feel that I would be successful with my goal of continuing to move and function without so much pain. I’d been struggling with extreme back pain caused by knee immobility initiated by a knee replacement that didn’t heal correctly. Basically, walking and standing upright caused severe pain. The spasms in my legs were so intense in the morning that it took me HOURS to be able to get close to an upright position, and getting out of a car or a chair after sitting for 30 minutes, was excruciating.

I am an accomplished 62 year old woman with my PhD, having played collegiate basketball, coached teams, am a retired educator, I’ve lead schools and school districts, and I’ve consulted all over the country. I consider myself a problem solver, self motivated and even inspirational. Yet, I found myself with no inspiration and facing a problem I couldn’t seem to solve. (I’d already seen several other professionals, with no progress). 

Upon meeting Nichole I was a little nervous she wouldn’t take me on as a client, but she never hesitated. Knowing her the way I do now I understand that complex movement issues are her expertise, and she thrives on solving them. As an aging, former athlete, I’ve had to redefine what had become my “normal” effort level of 100%, and that 100% is pretty kickass! Nichole ignited the old athlete in me and helped me find myself and my smile again. She is compassionate, encouraging and always challenges me!

At an appropriate pace, she helped me get moving again. In the beginning we worked a lot on restoring full extension to my left leg which corrected my stride. We also worked a ton on functional movement – yes, even small things like being able to get up from the floor – core work, conditioning and mobility was our focus. She slowly progressed my movements and encouraged me to do things that truly felt impossible – and with her help I did them – and slowly my confidence improved.

Not only does Nichole always meet me at my best performance point for that day, she also maintains the formal knowledge to create a specific plan to help me meet my long-term goals. I am as fit and strong now as I was when I was younger – but let’s face it 62 isn’t 25!

Regardless, I know today I am the best I can be largely inspired by Nichole’s coaching and genuine heart. I’ve lost 40 pounds, I am on the Master’s Swim Team and I have the best arms of my life! I can see that Nichole’s heart is driven by my successes – physical, mental and emotional. I owe 90% of my current health status to her (I accept 10% of the responsibility for consistently showing up for my sessions), and I look forward to working with Nichole into my future. I am confident that no matter what arises she and I will get through it together!