“People were actually commenting that I looked younger”

Mar 14, 2020

I have been seeing Nichole for 5+ years. I originally sought her out for stretch therapy because I was in excrutiating neck pain all the time.

I heard from my hair dresser that Nichole had helped another client of hers and so I was eager to get in to see her. On my first appointment Nichole did a thorough assessment. She referred to one of my root causes of pain as “forward head syndrome” and made a plan to address my imbalances. In a matter of weeks my neck was no longer hurting. I was standing taller and feeling more energy, all simply because I wasn’t in pain all the time. People were actually commenting that I looked younger. That’s what chronic pain will do to you!

During my visits I noticed her training studio and eventually asked if I could start training with her. Before long I was training twice a week and quickly noticed even more increased energy and stamina, and I for the first time in my life I had goals to better my strength, and to even lose a little weight. Heck, some nice arms wouldn’t hurt either .

After 6 months, my husband started coming also! We’ve been going to see her religiously since.

I am a 70 year-old retired nurse practitioner. I am very driven to work, I have a VERY hard time sitting still, and I have never thought about “self-care”. My entire life’s purpose has been to work hard, save my money and maybe someday retire (which I just did!). My husband has to talk me into vacation. My specialty was diabetes and I spent years giving, giving, giving to others, and with joy may I say; however, the toll that took on my poor body – and mind – was pretty high.

Nichole has seen me thru 2 shoulder surgeries, chronic tendonitis, and a fractured wrist. She always makes sure I am as strong and fit as I can be for surgery, and after each event we “started over”, and each time I was been able to regain my strength and endurance.

The thing Nichole has helped me with the most is to change my mind-set from one of only “taking care of others” to “taking care of self.” She has taught me how to be gentle and loving with myself and has worked with me on changing my self-talk. She has encouraged me to slow down, take more time off and even retire for years! She educates us and encourages us to improve our nutrition, to seek other avenues of self care (acupuncture, massage, meditation, monthly facials) and in general how to take better care of ourselves.

Nichole is always alert to changes in our bodies and how we are feeling before we start each session. She tailors our sessions to meet us where we are. If we are on vacation she will give us training programs to work on. She encouraged us to join the local gym and do other things like Zumba. She is so warm and caring and always gives of herself!

She is super smart, is always learning and knows the human body well. She knows how to keep us fit! I will see Nichole until the day I die.

– Leigh MacHaffie