“The Best Personal Trainer in Colorado Springs!” – Julie

Aug 23, 2013

I had been suffering with low back pain off and on for years. More recently I developed thoracic outlet syndrome, which has caused pain in my shoulder blade area and arm. My massage therapist suggested that I start exercising to strengthen my core muscles and that might help alleviate the pain. She referred me to Nichole’s Personal Training in Colorado Springs.

Nichole came to my house twice a week for one hour sessions for a period of time, and she started me gradually with a variety of cardio and strengthening exercises. I was so impressed with the time Nichole spent researching and developing a program to specifically target my areas of pain. She carefully monitored me while I was doing the exercises to make sure I wasn’t experiencing any pain. Within two weeks of exercising with Nichole, my low back pain was GONE and my TOS greatly improved.
The greatest gift Nichole provided to me was her loving and kind encouragement and support while I was trying to change my habits, learn the exercises and transition to exercising on my own. She has never been negative or shaming with me but always positive, upbeat and gently challenging. Because of her positive outlook and enthusiastic manner, I always looked forward to my sessions with her. She made exercising fun and easy for me – me who had always resisted any type of exercise program.
My time with Nichole was definitely time well spent and I recommend her to anyone who needs guidance, encouragement and support in starting or maintaining an exercise program.
Julie O.