Weight loss after 60: An Educator Gets More Than He Expected

Jun 9, 2016

Near the end of this past January (2016) I did an honest self-assessment and was, frankly, alarmed at what I found to be true.  I was over-weight, in pain much of the time, and unable to do the things that I found fun in life: golf, mountain biking, hiking, etc. at any kind of acceptable level.  I had been a caretaker for an aging and ailing parent for three years, and the stress, inactivity and terrible nutrition habits had taken a serious toll.

20 weeks, 30 pounds, 14 inches: doing it the right way!

I decided I wanted to take a serious approach to feeling better, moving better, and looking better.  I made several appointments to interview personal trainers.  I found almost all of them to be knowledgeable and professional, but when I met Nichole Rae, for some reason it just clicked that this was a person who could help me with my goals.  Wow!  Was I ever right!

Nichole met me right where I was in terms of my poor conditioning, poor flexibility, poor mobility, and poor strength.  She never once made me feel judged or hopeless with where I started.  Each session seemed to build on the one before but was totally different.  I found it amazing that Nichole was so knowledgeable and so focused on helping me improve and yet was so personable and fun to be with in the studio.  Nichole is a true life-long learner.  She LOVES this stuff, and she is always looking for opportunities to improve her craft.  I was a career educator and loved classroom teaching and athletic coaching.  As such I tend to me critical of others who teach. The most impressive thing I’ve discovered about Coach Rae is that she listens and then there are impactful changes based on what she hears!  I cannot imagine a better compliment for a coach who has chosen to work with adults.

Coach Rae’s prowess as a stretch therapist was an icing on the cake for me.  I had so many mobility issues, and after only a couple of those intensive stretch sessions, I made notable improvement.  I have been with Nichole for a little over five months now and have made great strides toward my goals.  I have achieved a weight loss of just over 30 pounds.  I have greatly increased my flexibility, strength, and mobility.  Just before sitting down to write this, I was on the driving range, and I can honestly say that I have never struck the ball so well as I am doing now.  Oh, I might mention that this is happening as I am just around the corner from turning 64!  I can hit a golf ball 30 yards farther than I could ten years ago! I have increased my distance with each club substantially, and, more importantly, I am able to play without pain. This was not the case before my sessions with Nichole Rae.

I could actually go on and on about how great I think Nichole is.  Suffice it to say that if you decide to work with her, you will be putting a dedicated professional on your team.  She will be your advocate and will provide you with accountability, innovation, individualized programming, and true coaching.  You will move better; you will feel better; you will look better.  And, believe it or not, you will actually enjoy the process!  She is the best!

Dave Dilley – educator, coach and athlete